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Dozen of Ninety Days – Sher Muhammad Awan

In a country like Pakistan, big claims and promises are made before coming to power and efforts are made in the first one or two years to overcome some of the big issues

The government, which announced the change in 90 days, presented its three-year performance to the nation a few days ago۔Taking the nation into confidence in its performance and policy-making after the first year, Governments usually give the nation a route map for the next few years. Generally, there is no need to present a performance report after spending half of the tenure because the better or worse change and its effects are as obvious as an open book in public and governmental circles. The ruling party attracted the people with big claims and sentimental slogans before the elections and promised a clear change in the first ninety days by putting an 11-point agenda before the nation which undoubtedly included the biggest issues of Pakistan. Normally, it is not possible to bring about a major change in 90 days, but it is possible to give a policy and route maps for change. And so it happens. If the three-year term of the present government is divided into 90 days, then “Dozen of Ninety days ” has passed but not a single promise has been fully fulfilled.
In a country like Pakistan, big claims and promises are made before coming to power, and efforts are made in the first one or two years to overcome some of the big issues. Because after half of the tenure, preparations for the next election begin in which development funds are released for the problems of the local areas and various constituencies, thus the remaining promises are repeated in the next election campaign based on three or four big projects.
If this government had been active in resolving one issue every 90 days, today 11 promises would have been fulfilled. But unfortunately, instead of showing performance, the government insisted on giving the impression that Govt. is doing a lot. In every address, the Prime Minister tells the nation that “Now” the country is on the right track, the economy is in control, the situation is improved. And finally, do not forget to pay tribute to some ministers and advise the nation not to panic.
Perhaps few people wonder, why the government has failed to improve the lives of the people despite being aware of their problems and knowing their solutions. Apart from government incompetence, one of the main reasons for this is our emotional attitude. For example, just a few days ago, a dress code for teachers was announced. And the pro-government social media team made you happy by calling it an important step towards the “Ryast -e-Madinah”. Although a teacher should dress nicely and politely, there are many things that need to be done more urgently and urgently before that. To provide school facilities to millions of children who are deprived of education, to provide bathrooms in thousands of schools, Building boundary walls in hundreds of schools, and to conduct workshops to make the teachers learn according to the standards of the new age. We also forgot that the previous government had made a similar announcement, was that implemented?
How much better it would have been if one out of “Dozen ninety days” had been spent on good governance, but here too the government changed the IG of the largest province every four months instead of police reforms to give you the impression that the government is doing a lot.

By manipulating the statistics in the economy, the people are told that “Now” the economy has recovered. Despite their deteriorating economic condition and rising inflation, people are believing these claims. India’s criminal act on Kashmir is known by everyone But the government stood for half an hour and made good speeches to put in the minds of the people that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, a government expressed the grief of Kashmiris in every forum. In short Accountability, Education, Health, New Pakistan Housing Scheme, Foreign Policy, Strong independent Institutions, Delivery of Justice, Poverty Alleviation, Get rid of Mafia, Reduction of Corruption, and 10 million Jobs, All these issues are yet to resolve. As long as the people continue to entertain themselves with emotional slogans instead of persuading the rulers to solve their problems, even a hundred of “Ninety days” is not enough to change the situation.

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